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Corrugated cardboard, Carton

Product packaging is an important part of the trading process, good packaging can protect not only good products in transit, but also reflects the importance of your customers, to win the hearts of customers. Protection products transportation, especially for volume, relatively large mass of products is the most used cartons.
  Also known as corrugated cardboard boxes, rigid paper containers made of corrugated cardboard. Its superior performance and good processing performance will be loved by the people since its inception, and gradually replaced the wooden containers and other transportation. After half a century of research and development and innovation, corrugated boxes has been developed as a versatile packaging products, with its light texture, suitable for folding, easy storage, handling, transportation, and other characteristics of widely used in medicine, food, building materials and other industry, transport packaging, both to protect the goods, but also play a landscaping products, advocacy role merchandise. Especially the green features, more modern packaging industry to become an indispensable product.
  Generally cardboard packaging can be divided into the side sealing, the sealing, ordinary boxes, boxes of heaven and earth, such as different types, different weight, volume of product, the need to use different types of cartons.